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Note: You don't have to actually join Team PAudiotron to make a contribution to the project. Feel free to send your ideas (concepts, scripts, mp3 files) for short in-potty audio experiences to, or post them on Facebook. To learn more about contributing to the PAudiotron, please read on!

The inaugural year of the PAudiotron includes many ways to participate in the project depending on your interests and skills. Look at the types of jobs below and see if anything interests you. Everyone is welcome on Team PAudiotron:

  1. Content Creators: If you are driven to create something unique, consider joining the content creation team. There are MASSIVE opportunities to be creative, both with idea generation and implementation realization! Content creators are involved with everything to do with the production of audio playlists:

    1. Writers: Creation of concepts, ideas, and scripts for individual tracks or playlists. You don't have to be an audio expert to come up with concepts that someone else might turn into an audio track. Either at your computer, or at brainstorming meetings, PAudiotron is an idea driven project!
    2. Sound Sourcers: You are the person that finds and collects sound effects, soundscapes, or audio clips. You may also be involved with recording dialog.
    3. Voice Actors: Voice actors are needed for dialog so it isnít always the same voice across many tracks.
    4. Audio Engineers: Taking ideas, scripts, dialog, and sounds and producing high quality tracks/playlists. This includes getting the volume levels just right within tracks. This job requires some facility with audio editing and mixing (maybe we will have a workshop on these skills!).
    5. Producers: Taking finished tracks and massaging them into final playlists, some of which may be themed.
    6. Testers: Q/A of playlists to make sure that they adhere to the project's "doesn't suck" guidelines.

  2. Unit Managers: If you are a crafter (or just good with your hands), COS play enthusiast (dressing up in PAudiotron service personnel outfits), performance artist (being in character when working with the public while out working in the field), or just want to bask in the adulation of the Burner public due to your association with the PAudiotron team, you might want to consider some of the team positions having to do with the PAudiotron hardware:

    1. Production Engineer (pre-playa): You are responsible for getting the PAudiotron units ready for deployment in the field, which includes attaching mounting screws (without opening case), drilling battery probe holes (so donít have to remove unit to check battery level), drilling and screwing in tiny volume limiters, installing batteries, labeling (OFF, ON, PREV, NEXT, LOGO, contact info), playlist uploading, and Q/A.
    2. Field Engineers: You are the PAudiotron "Cable Guy" that rubs elbows with the unwashed Burner public at port-a-potty banks across the playa. Your responsibilities include (you can sign up of any one of these tasks, or all of them):

      1. Deployment (Monday): Slipping on waterproof covers and installing PAudiotrons into potties, with door labels, and interior instruction labels.
      2. Servicing (Wednesday & Friday): Checking and fixing problems during the week. Limited battery changes for high use units. Goal is to have batteries last until Friday.
      3. Recovery (Sunday & Monday): Removing PAudiotrons from potties, including door labels, and interior instruction sheets. We are very serious about Leave No Trace at PAudiotron!