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Dialup Connection Preparation for Long Downloads

Ok, this is going to get a little technical, but donít worry, you will get through it just fine. Successfully downloading large files can be a bit tricky, but I know you can do it!

You want to do everything possible to make sure that the download, once started, is not interrupted. Here are the common problems with dialup phone connections:

  1. Problem: Someone picks up the telephone to use it, thus breaking the connection.
    Soultion: The way to avoid this is simple. Make little sticky notes and put them onto each phone saying Donít Use the Phone! Download in Progress! or something. Do this to remind yourself as well as others.
  2. Problem: Your modem connection hasnít disabled call waiting. Thus, when someone calls, the beep disrupts the connection and terminates the download.
    Soultion: So, if you have call waiting, make sure that the phone number that your modem dials includes the sequence of number (usually *70, other variations are 70# or 1170 in the USA) to disable this feature. If you are not sure about this, don't bother starting the download. The download will probably just terminate part way through the process, thus wasting your time, and wasting the bandwidth that other Burners need to finish their download. Either get a computer geek to help you, check out this website, or get someone else to download it and burn you a CD.
  3. Problem: Your computer terminates the connection after you have not typed or used the mouse for a period of time.
    Soultion: Most computers have a setting to let you adjust this time period. Make sure you set this time period for much longer than the expected download time. On many versions of Microsoft Windows, double click on the active connection icon (showing two flashing monitors) at the lower right part of the screen, go to the Options tab, and set ďIdle time before hanging upĒ to something large. Similar to the previous point, if you are not sure about this, don't bother starting the download.
  4. Problem: The web server hangs up on you.
    Soultion: This is my problem which I will do everything I can to avoid. If this happens, consider trying again in a couple days. It may be due to excess traffic.

Whew, that was nasty!