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At Burning Man 2003, I spent the week running around with a recording boom. The boom looked like a head wearing a teal colored ski cap with black fuzzy balls covering the microphones where the ears should be located. I sported bulky head phones and a pack holding the recorder. This binaural recording setup was designed to capture sound the same way as your ears do. The all digital recording went direct to compact flash media, captured at CD quality.

The sounds were all collected on the spot as they happened; nothing was rehearsed. You may have seen me weaving through various venues, trying to avoid eye contact, and praying you would not be motivated to start chatting with me, which would have spoiled whatever clip I was trying to record!


Iíve spent my free time since the Burn culling through hours of source material, doing a wee bit of audio massaging to improve selected clips, and assembling them into related groups. Iíve had other Burners review and comment on the work, incorporating their feedback whenever possible.


The last step has been in putting together this web site to distribute the media. I hope Iíve made the right decisions about where and how to host this media so that when it gets announced to the 30,000 Burners on Jack Rabbit Speaks, it holds up under the load of many people downloading at the same time. Think about 2004 Burning Man online ticket sales overloading their web servers. Now imagine the problem being much worse than that. If you have trouble downloading, please come back in a few days and try again.

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